Thank you for speaking out with us against antisemitism and hate.

Michelle Aguilar- Aasted

Essex County Commissioner Patricia Sebold

Shareen Rappoport

Audrey Winkler, Executive Director, JESPY House

David Bugen

Ben Shore

Sharon Rothe

Matthew Zlotnick, MD

Rochelle Luks

Mark Eiger

Shari Tosk

Chaya Friedmann

Jerry Starr

Commander of the NJ Jewish War Veterans

Ron and Dorene Richman

Andrea Kessler

Mitchell Rubenstein

Dr. Marcia D. Horn

Richard M. Stein, M.D.

Charles Lavine

Diane Lavenda

Fred M. Stone

Robin Vigfusson

Rabbi Daniel M Cohen, DMin

Abbe Dolobowsky

Essex County Commissioner Patricia Sebold

Shawn R. Klein, MD

Chair of Livingston Celebrates Israel

Dan Rozett

Steve Rogers

Add your name to the public list of community members who support the NJ Against Antisemitism Statement 



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